Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Foundation tips

Here are some of the basics to remember when choosing and applying foundation.
1. Skin Type. What is your skin type? It is very important that you get a foundation that suits your skin. A person with dry skin will need a more moisturizing foundation or maybe a cream. Whereas someone with combination to oily skin will need an oil controlling foundation. If a foundation states that it is for all skin types, the two extremes of dry and oily may not have the best results.

2. Shades. There are so many shades to choose from…Where do you start? The best way to choose a shade is by trying them on and NOT on the back of your hand. To test a shade, you need to try it on you face, at the jaw line. The shade that disappears is the one for you. Please do not be temped to give yourself a tan with your foundation. You can add colour with your blusher or bronzer. Your foundation’s purpose is to smooth and even out your own skin tones. If your shade is too dark it can be ageing, too light and you look unwell or tired.
Flourescent lighting is our worst enemy. Always try to choose in natural sunlight. If possible next to a window or doorway.

3. Application. For best results, always apply your foundation straight after your moisturizer. (no matter what your skin type) while it is still moist. Blend with your fingers or a sponge from the middle of your face, outwards. Blend well around the hairline, nose and eyebrows. Put a thin layer on your eyes. If your shade is right, you should not have to blend past your jaw line.

4. Tip. If you want a light coverage, try mixing your foundation with a little moisturizer and then applying it like a moisturizer. This will give you a nice fresh & light look. Great for the summer.

5. Finish. To get that model finished look and to set your foundation to last all day use powder. A loose powder is best. Just pat it on and using a large brush, brush off the excess in downward strokes to smooth down any fine facial hair. Be careful not to put too much around the eyes, as this can be ageing, especially for us ladies of a more interesting age!

6. Myth. Wearing a foundation is bad for your skin….Actually, these days the opposite is true. Foundations are good for your skin because they will protect your skin from the environment and some even have SPF to protect you from the suns very damaging effects.

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