Sunday, 26 July 2009

Beauty Tips - Avoid Make Up "Leaking" Problems During Summer

Summer is the season of the year during which women want to be the most beautiful and admired. This is when we go on holidays, have fun and meet new people. This is the time when we want to make use of all the resources in order to look glamorous and fresh at the same time.

However, most women have troubles in choosing the most appropriate make up during summer, because the sun will always "melt" the hydrating foundation we wear the rest of the year to cover imperfections, the lip gloss that gives full volume to our lips or the creamy eye make up that brightens our iris and makes our vision more seducing and tempting.

But there are plenty of cosmetic solutions meant to avoid these beauty "accidents" that could attract the ironic looks of the others towards us. Instead, the summer make up tricks will attract only admiring glances.

For start, avoid as much as you can the use of foundation. We all know how protective it is because it covers the little flaws of our complexion - as nobody is perfect, isn't it? However, during summer try to replace the usual foundation with a tinted cream that will not be "liquefied" by the sun rays and will also give you a fresh, trendy look by making your face mildly tanned. Tinted face powders also work, as long as you don't have a dry skin.

Therefore, use tinted moisturizers if you have a dry skin and tinted face powders if you have an oily or mixed complexion. Besides giving our faces a bronzed natural look, the tinted creams will moisturize the dry skin and will not allow it to get dehydrated, while tinted face powders will absorb the excess sebum from the oily skins.

Nevertheless, if one still wants to stick to the foundation use during summer, she should switch to an oil free formula of the foundation or try to dilute it with an oil free moisturizer. Also bear in mind that during the hot season foundation should be used only for the center of the face in order to confer brightness to the complexion or only for the areas with problems.

Under eye foundation, especially if it consists of a creamy under eye concealer, can also cause problems. Many of us have problems with the under eye shadows or bags. But if we use concealer in excess for these eye problems during the hot season, the heat outside is very likely to make the foundation leak and the effect will be rather a hilarious one.

Instead, try applying night eye creams in the evening that will reduce the shadows or bags under the eye and will also give us a fresher look. Or, if you still have problems, cover the dark eye circles with a bit of powder or stick under eye concealer. And don't forget that the concealer of the dark eye circles should be one or two shades lighter than the color of your complexion, not much lighter or darker than the natural color of the skin.

The "liquefying" problem may also occur in the case of creamy eye shadows or lip glosses. In the case of eye shadows, try replacing the creamy ones with fine powder eye shadows in soft tones of peach, pinks, beiges. You can also use face powder on the eyelid as a foundation for the eye shadows, especially if you have oily eyelids.

For the lip gloss, you should try to avoid face powder as foundation because when you will come to apply the lip gloss they will form a heterogeneous compound that does not look very good. Instead, try applying small amounts of lip gloss that will provide your lips with glow and volume without looking loaded.