Saturday, 1 August 2009

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Beauty tips for new coupple

Wedding Beauty Tips

We all want to look young and beautiful on our wedding days, but how many of us really make the necessary effort to take care of ourselves? These nighttime beauty regimes will help you look your best on your wedding day. You should also continue these beauty tips after your wedding to ensure that you continue to look young, healthy and radiant!


Cleansing your face before going to bed is essential for removing any dirt you many have picked up during the day.

Nighttime is the right time to apply any face treatment. At night your skin will not be exposed to the sunlight, air pollution or any bacteria-ridden particles that might be present in the air. Your skin also repairs itself at night by replacing dead skin cells with fresh new ones. Making sure your skin absorbs enough nutrients during the night is vital. It will revitalize your facial skin and works wonders on skin that has been exposed to all the dirt and grime of the daytime. You should also apply the treatment to your arms and neck area.

Importance of Exfoliation

Walnut scrub is ideal for oily skin. Make sure you scrub your face in circular motions and wash with cold water. For those with sensitive or dry skin, use baby oil or wet cleansing pads, followed by a night cream.

Our skin is always generating new skin cells at the dermis layer and sending them to the surface (the epidermis). As the cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin.

The keratinized skin cells are essential. They give our skin its protective quality. But they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells.

And as we age the cell turnover process slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin's surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those dead cells that are clinging on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below.

However, it is possible to overexfoliate, especially on the facial skin where it is usually more delicate. Overexfoliating will dry and irritate the skin. So be gentle when you exfoliate.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Eye shadow


Start with a professional cleaning and keep on a regular schedule. Stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and plaque can dull an otherwise pretty smile. Beauty Tips for your Smile (Teeth!)

Eyebrow pencils need to be as true to your own brow shade as possible. However, if you have dark black brows, you need not worry about using an eyebrow pencil. Lucky you! You can shape and add depth (within reason) to your brows with just a few well placed strokes. Eyebrow Tips

Apply your eye shadow on wet. Use toner that is alcohol free, an Eyeliner Sealer or just plain old water. Use a sponge applicator or an eye shadow brush to brush on a light layer of toner/water across the eyelid or in the crease over the eye shadow. Eye Tips

Hair dresser that has a salon built onto her house. Her prices should be very reasonable. Check the price of a color, haircut, deep conditioning and a blow dry. Hair Care Tips

It’s January but spring is just around the corner! We usually don’t think of our feet as part of our “getting ready for spring” regimen until it’s too late. Now is the time to start, believe it or not, for getting our feet in shape for ultimate sandal display. Winter is such a drying and pounding time for our feet. Hand and Foot Care Tips

To neaten up the lip line or to fill in to darken a bit, grab either a an eye or lip pencil in the right color. If you rather use lipstick, dot a bit of liquid powder or loose powder on lips first, then apply color in the middle of the mouth and blend outwards.. Lip Tips

Depending on what you are wearing, try to match your eye color to it You might have to mix colors to achieve the desired look! Make Up Tips

Keeping your natural nails looking excellent takes work. If you don’t do the work, your nails can suffer from problems such as stains, nail biting, splitting, white marks or ridges. Nail Care Tips

After applying the foundation, the next step is color. To use cream blush, dot on the apples of the cheeks. Quick Cheeks and Blush Tips

Are you confused on which and what wrinkle or anti-aging creams to use? With so many different products at there, how do we know which ingredients do what? Skin Care Tips

A pea-sized quantity of paste will do; tap the brush so that the paste sinks into the brush and is available for brushing all the teeth. Rinse Your mouth after every meal..Teeth

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Foundation tips

Here are some of the basics to remember when choosing and applying foundation.
1. Skin Type. What is your skin type? It is very important that you get a foundation that suits your skin. A person with dry skin will need a more moisturizing foundation or maybe a cream. Whereas someone with combination to oily skin will need an oil controlling foundation. If a foundation states that it is for all skin types, the two extremes of dry and oily may not have the best results.

2. Shades. There are so many shades to choose from…Where do you start? The best way to choose a shade is by trying them on and NOT on the back of your hand. To test a shade, you need to try it on you face, at the jaw line. The shade that disappears is the one for you. Please do not be temped to give yourself a tan with your foundation. You can add colour with your blusher or bronzer. Your foundation’s purpose is to smooth and even out your own skin tones. If your shade is too dark it can be ageing, too light and you look unwell or tired.
Flourescent lighting is our worst enemy. Always try to choose in natural sunlight. If possible next to a window or doorway.

3. Application. For best results, always apply your foundation straight after your moisturizer. (no matter what your skin type) while it is still moist. Blend with your fingers or a sponge from the middle of your face, outwards. Blend well around the hairline, nose and eyebrows. Put a thin layer on your eyes. If your shade is right, you should not have to blend past your jaw line.

4. Tip. If you want a light coverage, try mixing your foundation with a little moisturizer and then applying it like a moisturizer. This will give you a nice fresh & light look. Great for the summer.

5. Finish. To get that model finished look and to set your foundation to last all day use powder. A loose powder is best. Just pat it on and using a large brush, brush off the excess in downward strokes to smooth down any fine facial hair. Be careful not to put too much around the eyes, as this can be ageing, especially for us ladies of a more interesting age!

6. Myth. Wearing a foundation is bad for your skin….Actually, these days the opposite is true. Foundations are good for your skin because they will protect your skin from the environment and some even have SPF to protect you from the suns very damaging effects.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On skincare tips for winter

Winter Skin Care Tip 1: Shorten Those Showers
The skin care solution? Take shorter showers and baths and use warm water instead of steamy hot. Then, when you're done, pat dry, don't rub.

Winter Skin Care Tip 2: Mild Soaps
Stick with mild soaps, preferably unscented or lightly scented. You may want to go mild with your laundry detergent, too: some recommend Dreft or Ivory Snow.

Winter Skin Care Tip 3: Moisturize
A great way to soothe or prevent chapped skin: moisturize. And you don't need expensive elixirs from the cosmetics counter to keep skin dewy. And remember to drink up -- moisturizing from the inside out.

Winter Skin Care Tip 4: Get Sharp About Shaving
Use a lubricant when you shave, such as shaving cream. Change the blades in your shaver often. Shave in the direction that hair grows.

Winter Skin Care Tip 5: Slather on Sunscreen
Up to 80% of the sun's rays can penetrate light clouds, snow, and fog. So protect your skin: Even on cloudy or overcast days slap on that sunscreen. And don't forget to reapply often.

Winter Skin Care Tip 6: Soothing Chapped Lips
Lips don't have oil glands, so they can dry out especially easily. Don't lick. Cover up. Boost moisture. Use lip balm.

These quick skin care tips should help keep your skin happy all winter long. But if you find you still have dry skin, or your skin gets worse, give a dermatologist a call. Read the article to get full details.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Eye tips for glasses user

I've always loved the look of glasses--and wished I needed them (I have 20/20, sigh). I get a TON of questions about eye makeup and glasses though... So I thought I'd ask beauty know-it-all Kimara Ahnert for some tips. Here, her thoughts:

"There's no need to hide behind glasses when it comes to wearing eye makeup. Glasses bring more awareness to the eye area often making eyes appear larger when looking back at someone through their lenses. Make eyes pop by using eyeliner: First, define top of lids with a darker liner on top like bobbi brown creme gel liner in black or brown and eye shadow powder liner under bottom lashes for smoky definition. Powder liner is water-resistant minimizing chance of liner smudging throughout the day, always a plus.

Then, make eye color pop by using a color pencil on inside rim of bottom lashes - blue eyes can be enhanced with a Navy or royal blue pencil. Green eyes can use a teal pencil--our Mint eyeliner pencil is perfect. Hazel eyes can use a bronze eyeliner like our Penny eyeliner or Mint as well if they want their eyes to look more green. Brown eyes can use Purple/Wine, Dk Brown or Black eyeliners.

Finally, don't forget about your brows and keep them looking neat and groomed since they are framing not only your eyes but frames as well."

Makeup and clothing

Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. If you are stressing about what you should look like as a newcomer in middle school, or a freshie in high school, here's a quick guide to help your fashion mature with you throughout middle and high school.

In Sixth grade, wear lip gloss, some mascara, and maybe a little bit of pale eyeshadow; don't go too heavy or it may look bad. If you want to try out more types of makeup, keep that for home experiments. As for clothes, keep it in your comfort level. Bear this in mind: if you are wearing a bra or undershirt, don't let the straps hang out. It doesn't look cool; it just looks sloppy. If you are wearing a short shirt, check in the mirror to see if your stomach hangs out of the bottom. Otherwise, wear something a little bit longer. Also, if your pants are likely to slip, wear a belt. Belts are totally hip now!
* The main point is to keep the makeup light, and the clothes clean cut.

In Seventh grade you are beginning to care a little more what you look like; you might want to try curling your hair a few days a week, and using different hairstyles besides your typical ponytail. If you are acne prone, try foundation. Remember thet even oily skin can get flaky and that looks horrible with foundation. So try it on weekends first and ask your mother (or someone that uses foundation well) if it looks okay. In Seventh grade you might want to try eyeliner. But not too much because you don't want to look like a racoon! Start trying to tie outfits together with accessories. It's good to try new things with your makeup and clothes. But when you try the new things, make sure it looks good on you, not just in the picture or at the store. Check out different stores, and find out if there is a style that suits you.

In eighth grade you are probably getting good at makeup and you know what you like. Try establishing your own hairstyle without looking like everyone else. For example, if everyone has long, layered hair with no bangs, try light wispy bangs and a shorter, layered look. You might be wearing tighter jeans now and probably starting to get concerned with impressing the guys, so it's safe to try out more mature styles such as a sleek leather blazer, or lower cut necklines. If you are happy with your sports bra, that is totally OK. But it's safe now to check out the actual bra department and wear something that makes you feel pretty - like lace.

Ninth grade: high school! This is a big transition. Now in the same world as seniors, you are going to want to look like the rest of your peers. You should by now have your makeup and hair styles already. Try to update this look a bit, because no one wants to carry the same look they had in middle school. Dramatize a detail in your hair. If its known for it's left side part, part it even deeper. Make a straight style even sleeker and hip. Learn to make youre curls tighter, or looser. In high school you might want to wear your usual make up during the day, and as you start to go out with friends and boys at night, add a darker shade of eyeliner, or jazz up your lips with something more festive. It's also good to try new shoes, try wearing spikier ankle boots with a pair of hot jeans and a blouse. Chunkier heels aren't as hip as spikes as you get older.

Incorporate accessories into your outfit. Buy yourself a bag that's in suede or leather to keep your schoolbooks in, instead of a backpack. You will want to buy yourself a new jacket, and make it your own. You know what you like, so go and find clothes that fit your style, but crank it up a notch for a more mature feel.

* Remember, no matter how old you are the most important thing is to have fun.