Thursday, 30 July 2009

Eye shadow


Start with a professional cleaning and keep on a regular schedule. Stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and plaque can dull an otherwise pretty smile. Beauty Tips for your Smile (Teeth!)

Eyebrow pencils need to be as true to your own brow shade as possible. However, if you have dark black brows, you need not worry about using an eyebrow pencil. Lucky you! You can shape and add depth (within reason) to your brows with just a few well placed strokes. Eyebrow Tips

Apply your eye shadow on wet. Use toner that is alcohol free, an Eyeliner Sealer or just plain old water. Use a sponge applicator or an eye shadow brush to brush on a light layer of toner/water across the eyelid or in the crease over the eye shadow. Eye Tips

Hair dresser that has a salon built onto her house. Her prices should be very reasonable. Check the price of a color, haircut, deep conditioning and a blow dry. Hair Care Tips

It’s January but spring is just around the corner! We usually don’t think of our feet as part of our “getting ready for spring” regimen until it’s too late. Now is the time to start, believe it or not, for getting our feet in shape for ultimate sandal display. Winter is such a drying and pounding time for our feet. Hand and Foot Care Tips

To neaten up the lip line or to fill in to darken a bit, grab either a an eye or lip pencil in the right color. If you rather use lipstick, dot a bit of liquid powder or loose powder on lips first, then apply color in the middle of the mouth and blend outwards.. Lip Tips

Depending on what you are wearing, try to match your eye color to it You might have to mix colors to achieve the desired look! Make Up Tips

Keeping your natural nails looking excellent takes work. If you don’t do the work, your nails can suffer from problems such as stains, nail biting, splitting, white marks or ridges. Nail Care Tips

After applying the foundation, the next step is color. To use cream blush, dot on the apples of the cheeks. Quick Cheeks and Blush Tips

Are you confused on which and what wrinkle or anti-aging creams to use? With so many different products at there, how do we know which ingredients do what? Skin Care Tips

A pea-sized quantity of paste will do; tap the brush so that the paste sinks into the brush and is available for brushing all the teeth. Rinse Your mouth after every meal..Teeth

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